All levels of yoga explorer’s are welcome on the retreat. We work with your needs. Classes are kept gentle and flow with the needs of the group. Our body is a mirror of our mind so our morning yoga classes will open us up and kick start a natural cleansing process in the major organs of the body plus increase vitality in the whole being.

Mandala Painting

This is a super fun and focused way to spend some time creating colourful images through a meditative painting journey. The word Mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit term and means the centre and the outer edge of a circle simultaneously. You will be surprised at the results as you are guided to keep journeying and finding your way through the design and creation process.


Canggu is arguably becoming one of Bali’s most progressive and culturally fascinating areas. Having really only found its name on the tourism map over the past few years, Canggu is maturing rapidly and is undergoing a very visible revolution, as a graffitied wall along “the shortcut” suggests. As creatives gather to cultivate, there is a fascinating undercurrent of cool becoming increasingly prevalent as Canggu comes into its adolescence. The sunsets at the beach are pretty darn amazing too.


On certain retreats you will have healings included in your package. In all retreats you can book these healings and pay locally. Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Sound Meditation, Bone Healing Massage, Cranio Sacral. The availability of different therapists change from time to time.

Raw Chocolate Workshop

Raw Chocolate Class Indulge a thought of chocolate and the mind quickly slides to sharing, friendship, love… possibly it’s the food we most turn to when needing to nurture ourselves and loved ones. Real (Raw) chocolate is truly the Heart Chakras best friend, for more reasons than you might think…


For those who desire time out to reflect, want some sun and relaxation, or who are looking for the chance to create positive habits and intentions for today’s hectic pace of life, an Inner Temple Yoga Retreat offers you the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate and give your inner and outer self a break from normal daily routines.

  • Body rejuvenation through yoga and massage
  • Self development of your yoga practice
  • Enhance your inner peace and calm
  • Stay in a super beautiful villa immersed in nature, far from the madding crowds
  • A repertoire of take home skills for everyday life
  • Support, fun and friendship
  • Begin to become more sensitive to your body and its needs
  • De-stress and decompress with the ability to switch off from any need to plan, organize or be responsible for others