We know, dealing with the everyday stresses of life (rent, mortgage, relationships, work, family) can take a toll, stress builds up and at a certain point we all need a break. We deserve a break. Room to breathe and come back again to feeling.

Congratulations in this first step towards nurturing your health and well being. Our retreat program provides the perfect opportunity to drop your routine and responsibilities and come back to who you really are. To be cooked for, taken care of and to be relieved of the weight of daily decision making is often enough to make way for profound transformation.

This affordable Yoga Retreat is a great opportunity to go deeper in your yoga practice, try out some meditations and enjoy some other complimentary workshops. You are guaranteed some take home tips for healthier living, a fuller understanding of yoga, and along the way bring your being into a healthier, stronger and happier place.

No need to be super flexible, knowledgeable or advanced in your yoga. All are welcome, just contact us!